Philippines Angeles Mission
November 2012 - May 2014

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

On Christmas Eve President and Sister Martino invited all the couples to the mission home for the evening and to stay over


We had a wonderful dinner

Prepared by these two sisters

There is this beautiful nativity near the mission home that people come to see. We stood by it and sang Christmas carols and passed out cookies

Sister Tieschner showing the gift she got in our gift exchange

Sister Woodruff brought these paper hot air balloons that we lit and watched them float away. Hoping and praying we wouldn't cause a fire somewhere!!

The next morning we went to the government hospital and took gifts to the children's wing

The hospital was crowded and poor and it could be depressing but we tried to focus on the bit of cheer we could bring to them

Beautiful babies

There were about 50 children ranging from new born to teens

They all had parents with them

She never let go of her Minnie Mouse

This one wanted her orange but she was not too sure about us
The babies didn't know what to think of us but the parents were very appreciative
This one was scared to death of us.
She is so cute

I think she was wondering who these strange white people were.

I wish I could bring them all home.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Missionary Christmas Parties

Because our mission is large and spread out we have to divide into two groups for the Christmas party. Last year we only went to the one where we live but because we are so short on couples right now we went to both parties and it was fun to see many missionaries that used to be in our zone and are now on the "other side". It was fun to see these two "brothers" back together. Elders Blackham and Park were here when we first got here and they were the first of our "adopted family"!

They are both great guys, Elder Blackham is now an AP and Elder Park is a zone leader. We are so proud of them.

 The two sisters at the end of the table, Sister Tauiliili in red, and Sister Naldoza in the grey sweater used to live next door to us and have left us now, so good to see them again.

This large group are just half our missionaries. In this they are holding up a gift that some parent sent for every missionary.

A nice dinner was served and they love good food! Elder Heinrich ( in the red tie) is another of our favorite sons. We have sooo many "Favorites"!!

Two more, Elders Morgan and Salvania  great missionaries

Sister Martino orders "snow" from the US and everyone gets a cup full and they throw it in the air for a "white Christmas". The missionaries have a ball throwing it until it all melts

It's even slick like snow.

Each zone makes decorations for the tree.

Sister Biteriti ( in blue) is from Christmas Island. She is the sister of the family that lived right by us there and Elder Moser baptized her brother-in-law and two children. The other sister is Sister Latimer.

Sister Rose is from the same ward in Utah as my niece Rhonda.

The second group holding up their ties and necklaces sent by the same parent 

Lastly we had our zone Christmas party at our house. Elder Conrow was really happy to get a burrito and REAL cheese!

They drew names and had a gift exchange

I read the condensed book The Mansion

And of course we had a zone picture. We have lots of fun but they also work hard. They reached what seemed like an impossible goal for the year. We love these Elders and Sisters.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Special Events

This is the last time this group will be together. President and Sister Martino held an early Thanksgiving dinner to welcome Elder and Sister Woodruff, (far right) and to say goodby to the Lutz (next to us), the Fortes next to Lutz, and the McCords next to the Martinos. It will only be two more months until the Teischners go home too.

Enjoying good company

Sister Tieschner, so sweet to everyone

Elder Tieschner is carving the turkey but he has a cold so is trying not to spread germs

Lilly Beth, one of our prospective missionaries who painted with us to earn the money, was ask to serve a short term mission while she waits for her call. She was excited as we picked her up but the bags you can see was all she had.

Her mother is not a member and I think she was pretty sad to see her daughter leave. She speaks no English so we were not able to communicate with her.

Wilbur, another of our painters, received his call. He is the first from his family to serve and he was so excited.

The president holds an annual appreciation dinner for all the Stake and District Presidents and their wives. He had a missionary choir come and do a musical Christmas program. It was so pretty and the house was decorated beautifully, sure gave us the Christmas spirit.

Elders choir

All of the choir with Pres and Sister Martino

This was not a special event but these sisters are eating balok, the boiled eggs when the chick is mostly formed. They love it, I can't stand to even look at it!

Sister Merwal getting a kick out of our expression!