Philippines Angeles Mission
November 2012 - May 2014

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Recently we were assigned to paint two houses for missionaries. We hired these 5 young prospective missionaries that are trying to earn the money they need to have before they can submit their papers. We packed all of them in the backseat of our small car and drove an hour to Tarlac for the job. We made three round trips like that, they were so good about it.

They all worked so hard. None of them had ever painted before but they caught on fast and went right at it.

This is the sisters house, it was not too bad and much smaller than the large house we did for elders

Of course we got in on the action too. Dad was kept busy with repairs while the rest of us painted

At the end of the day these boys were happy to sit down while we waited for the last one

Who was sanding the grime off the tile floor in the bathroom

Priesthood commemoration

Recently the District had a Priesthood commemoration activity. They met at the church and some rode in this truck, others on motorcycles and tricycles.

They drove to the base of a mountain trail

And then they hiked up into the mountain

When they reached the top they had classes on gardening and self reliance

About 50 men and boys attended

And of course there was food!  Pork chops and fish were grilled. I am sure there was rice too as no meal is complete without rice.

No one thought to bring plates and utensils so they used banana leaves for plates and finger for utensils.
I'm sure that was just fine with these wonderful men.
Such good people here.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Coltens visit

Colten flew over from Korea, where he is teaching school, and spent a week with us. We had such a good time showing him around the mission.

He loves history so we took him to the Bataan Death March Memorial

Then he paid his regards to his favorites

Mango shakes are to die for!

We attended a cultural dance program where he and I were picked to come on stage and dance with the performers. Since there were only about a dozen people in the audience and we were the only foreigners, that was not too big of a surprise!

We did the pole dance and the only picture we have of Colt is video so I can't post it here, but he was really good. I could only do one foot at a time but he was able to do two. We were impressed!

Walking around the Niyan Philippines Park

We visited 100 Islands National Park, That strip of land you see behind us are many many tiny separate islands. He finally got a chance to swim in the ocean here.

Grandpa and Colt

We drove through the country side to see the newly planted rice paddies

Colt took this sunset picture for me. Sure was a great week!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013


On July 28 we met the other couples from the mission and traveled together to the far side of our mission. They have a lot of wood carving places over there, Dad found his size chair and waited patiently while I shopped.

Another stop along the way was to eat lunch under this tree. We were told it is the largest Banyan Tree in Asia

Inside the tree

Baler is along the ocean and quite remote. In some ways it reminded us of Christmas Island.

At this spot where we had dinner there wasn't a sandy beach, just rocks. This is Sister Teishner our office Sister.

The next day we divided up and went out teaching with the missionaries. We walked across this bridge to visit a family and gathered this audience of children. 

One of the humble homes we visited. This lady and her family were baptized that night.

Another family we visited.

We almost didn't make it to visit this man, we were running out of time. I'm sure glad we did as he was waiting by the road for us.

Everyone knows I am scared to death of heights and this hanging bridge was almost more than I could do.

This cute family lived right by the bridge. They have been less active but they came to church the next day after we visited.

The Senior Sister Missionaries, Sister McCord, me, Sister Teishner, Sister Martino and Sister Lutz.

We hurried home trying to beat a Typhoon that was headed that way.