Philippines Angeles Mission
November 2012 - May 2014

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Before Elder and Sister Lutz went home, President Martino ask us to go spend a couple of days with them to become familiar with their area and the zones they do house checks in. As they drove around we met some of the members whom they have worked with and loved.

They live in the city of Cabanatuan which is flat and big rice fields but their area includes lots of mountainous areas

And also some ocean areas

While there we stopped to see the memorial of  Camp Pangatian where the WW11 prisoners of the Bataan march were held and eventually rescued

These two large stones are all that is left of the original camp

Wherever you go there are always some kids trying to help you and asking for money or candy. These two were so cute and were happy to have their picture taken.

Elder Moser in front of the monument

Two good friends sharing the moment.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Daily Activities

The father of one of our sweet families was killed in a motorcycle accident. After the funeral at the church they stopped at the company he worked for and had another short service.

Carrying the casket to the grave site.

They don't go to the church for the luncheon, they go to the home. People just took their plate and ate wherever they could. The two young ones in white shirts are Wilbur and Lorraine, his children and some of our favorites

Every transfer we have a FHE and lunch for all our zone missionaries.

We are up to 24 now but some were missing that day.

One of our great zone leaders Elder Continias

These men carry those 100 pound sacks of rice on their heads and then throw them up onto the trucks!

Me and LillyBeth scrubbing the tile in a bathroom trying to get it clean enough to move sisters into the house.

Lilly Beth has now earned enough pesos to turn her mission papers in.

Another 3 am bus ride to the temple with the district

We were on the bus with the SanClemente group. They are so good and we love them so much.

The district clerk Ronnie

The young adults toured the Manila MTC

We are not exactly Young adults but we were invited to speak to them.

At the end of the day we got to witness three families be sealed. Unfortunately this is the only one I got a picture of. That makes the 8 hours on a school bus all worth while.

Our missionaries acting out different scenes from the scriptures.

They were pretty inventive

Branch 4 had a farewell party for these two, Sister Naldoza on the left was being transferred after serving here for six months. The people really love her. Sister Juna was leaving home to serve her own mission.
Every day seems the same and yet every week holds many different and rewarding experiences.
Fabros Family at the temple

Gapultos Family temple sealing

All Saints Day/ Halloween

November 1 is a huge holiday as they celebrate All Saints Day to honor their deceased loved ones. There are two types of cemetary's here, This one is where wealthy people are buried. Those who can afford it have these little buildings that house their family.

In side one of those buildings. ( I don't know what they call them)

On this day the roads leading to the cemetaries were lined for blocks with little booths selling everything from food to flowers, candles, and even Halloween masks and glow stick toys. The entrances had commercial booths selling pizza, chicken, donuts, popcorn etc.

Families gathered by their family graves and spent the day and some stay all night.

They have beautiful bouquets of flowers and many candles. They enjoy family and have meals together.

The crowds of people and all the booths reminded us of rodeo days at home or the 4th of July.

It was all amazing and beautiful.

Coincidentally  they celebrate Halloween the same day. However Halloween is not a big deal here, just a bit of face painting and a few costumes. They told us there would be trick or treaters but we never saw any.

Some of our favorites

More Games!