Philippines Angeles Mission
November 2012 - May 2014

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Youth Activities

The youth here amaze us with their willingness and excitement to participate in activities. On May 25 they had a cultural activity where each branch did a skit from the stories of the Book of Mormon. They were wonderfully done with such simple costumes and scenery. The cultural hall was jam packed and I think every one of them participated.

After their Book of Mormon skits each branch did a talent performance as well. Unfortunately we took all video and this is the only still picture I have. But there was some really good performances

On May 28 about 175 kids from our district loaded on buses for their youth conference.

It was held at a resort about an hours drive from here. It was a really nice place

The kids are so respectful and well mannered

Of course it started off with games!

Each team had to dress a bride and groom with newspapers

They had to see which team could stack all the shoes from their team in a pile that wouldn't collapse

The resort served plenty of good food and of course like teenagers every where they loved it!

There was a dance scheduled for that night but we had to go home. These girls are at Dad's window begging him to stay.

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