Philippines Angeles Mission
November 2012 - May 2014

Monday, June 24, 2013

Things that keep us busy

When ever we get together they always play games and one of the punishments for being the loser is a face full of baby powder. Elder Clark got it this time but by the end everyone looked the same.

This get together was at our house, it was a farewell party

These two, Elder Servantia and Sister Gala have finished their mission and are going home.

I usually can't take pictures of baptisms because they are indoors but these were at the river in Cabaluyan
Elder Heinrich from St George did the baptisms.

Elder Heinrich and Elder Zaballero have done amazing work in that small branch that was almost ready to fold a few months ago.

Elder Salvana and Elder Garcia in San Clemente baptized the sister of one of the members in that branch. Elder Garcia is a temporary missionary filling in for one who is sick. He has a call to New Zealand but is waiting for his visa. It is here now and he leaves July 2nd. He has been great, New Zealand will be blessed to have him

We drove the home bound missionaries to the mission home while their companions headed off for an activity

We picked up and delivered new beds to these two missionaries because theirs had been destroyed by termites. I had no idea how much damage termites could do! These two serve in Victoria near Tarlac.

Another transfer day and we said goodby to these six excellent missionaries. We will miss them.
Elders Johnson, Keene, Palmer,  Zaballero, Malalay, and Garcia. We also sent Elder Cooper back to his mission in India, he was another great missionary.

Elder Frearson was also released after a job well done. He was our zone leader from the time we got here until last transfer. His brother also served in this same mission 11 years ago so he came to pick his brother up and they toured the mission and saw old friends before they flew home to New Zealand. They spent a couple of nights with us while they visited this area.

This is the main room of the house we just got ready for new sister missionaries. It was a good house but in bad repair. The zone missionaries spent two of their service days helping to paint it throughout and Elder Moser did a lot of repair work. We had our doubts it could be fixed up good enough but it ended up pretty nice. We were feeling our age by the time that was completed.

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