Philippines Angeles Mission
November 2012 - May 2014

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Coltens visit

Colten flew over from Korea, where he is teaching school, and spent a week with us. We had such a good time showing him around the mission.

He loves history so we took him to the Bataan Death March Memorial

Then he paid his regards to his favorites

Mango shakes are to die for!

We attended a cultural dance program where he and I were picked to come on stage and dance with the performers. Since there were only about a dozen people in the audience and we were the only foreigners, that was not too big of a surprise!

We did the pole dance and the only picture we have of Colt is video so I can't post it here, but he was really good. I could only do one foot at a time but he was able to do two. We were impressed!

Walking around the Niyan Philippines Park

We visited 100 Islands National Park, That strip of land you see behind us are many many tiny separate islands. He finally got a chance to swim in the ocean here.

Grandpa and Colt

We drove through the country side to see the newly planted rice paddies

Colt took this sunset picture for me. Sure was a great week!!

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  1. Hi Mosers! It's so good to see pictures of you. I hope everything is going well. I wanted you to know that Andy is getting married on August 16th to a wonderful girl, named Madison (Madie), in the Logan Temple. Prayers are answered and I'm thankful to have seen such a remarkable transformation in Andy. He's such a great man and I'm so thankful he's found his eternal companion, who is perfect for him. She's from Hyrum, a returned missionary, an artist, a rock climber, a mountain biker, and everything else he loves. I pray for you everyday and hope you are happy and healthy. Love you! Joyce