Philippines Angeles Mission
November 2012 - May 2014

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Family Home Evenings

We were invited along with some of our missionaries to a family home evening at a members home. We drove way back into the country and the road got narrower and finally ended. We left the car and walked down this path that lead us through peoples yards.

Then we walked through rice fields

Finally when we reached their home the elders helped them hang a light bulb in a tree so we could see

This is the Tatay (father) and his wife who invited us to their home

This the Nanay (mother) of the family

These cute little guys are their nephews that live by them

And this is the youngest son. He was the first to join the church followed by the father. The mother has not joined yet

The home of the nephews

This week we went to another FHE with the missionaries. This was at the home of a single man about 60 years old. He was so shy I didn't try to take his picture but he was very proud of his antique house that his grandfather built in 1908. He was happy for me to take pictures of it.

If I understood right, the grandfather was Chinese and the house definately has an oriental design

It is such an honor for us to go to these different homes and be accepted as their friends. They are such kind and gracious people.

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