Philippines Angeles Mission
November 2012 - May 2014

Sunday, December 2, 2012


                                             The  MTC

We were at the MTC with Kents cousin Ed and his
wife Connie. With two Edward Mosers there was a bit of
confusion the first day but then they got it figured out.
Connie and I think Grandma Moser is very proud!
We had to do the traditional picture!

When we introduced ourselves we had this couple come
up and talk to us. This is Vance Hedin from Winder and
his wife Orfilia. It turns out that Orfilia used to come to
Whitney in the summers with her family as migrant workers
and they lived some of those summers in the house Kents dad had
here on the farm. She remembered Kent and his family and several
other kids from Whitney. She was not a member of our church at
that time but would go to church with friends and joined when she was 15.
Most of her family eventually joined. She was a delight, we loved them.
They are going to Finland.

Vance and Orfilia Hedin

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