Philippines Angeles Mission
November 2012 - May 2014

Monday, December 31, 2012

We are in the Philippines

                    We arrived in Manila Dec 5 and was met at the airport by an assigned driver
                    who took us to several offices where we were weighed, measured drug tested,
                    eyes checked, had our pictures taken about 6 times and signed our names at
                    least ten times and finally after 2 or 3 hours we had our drivers licenses.
                             We were then taken to Angeles to the mission home. This is on what
                             used to be Clark Airfield. The upstairs is the presidents home and the
                             downstairs has the mission office and two apartments, one for the office
                             couple and one for the APs. We spent two nights here while we waited
                              for our car to be ready.
                     Elder and Sister Tischner, the office couple, took us shopping in a couple
                    of grocery stores that carry American foods.
                             The next day Dad got his first experience at driving in the Philippines!!
                             Elder and Sister Tischer drove ahead of us and guided us to Camiling
                             . On the way he stopped by and showed us the new mission home that is
                            almost complete and is in Tarlac so it will be much closer to us.
                        We finally arrived at our home in Camiling and were shocked by
                        the size of it. It is easily 4-5 times bigger than our house on Christmas Island.
                        It has a huge great room and two bedrooms and what I call a laundry room
                        though the only part of the laundry done there is the ironing.
                          When we got to the house the 4 sisters who live next door were waiting
                           for us. They had put up a Christmas tree and decorated our house. They
                         are so sweet.
                                  The zone leaders came over too so we had a great welcome                
Our new home


  1. Hello Brother & Sister Moser! Our son, Troy Lund, teaches at Viewmont High School with your son in law Reece. We have received a call to the Angeles Philippines mission. We would like to communicate with you before we come if possible. It was great to see the pictures of your home the the mission area. We are looking for advice on how you communicate with family at home & what we might need to bring to make that easier. Hope to hear from you.

  2. Elder and Sister Moser- We have been called to the Philippines Angeles Mission and will enter the Provo MTC on May 5, 2014. We have a lot of questions and would like to correspond with you. Could you please email us at this email so we could ask you some questions. Thanks - Brother and Sister Weber

  3. Dear Brother and Sister Moser- My name is Jennifer Thomas. Our daughter is Sister Thomas. Her first area in the mission field was Camiling. I just wanted to extend my appreciation to you both. She struggled so much with her health when she first arrived in the mission. Because her health wasn't good it made the entire transition difficult. She mentioned how much you both took care of her numerous times. At one point she was so ill and so homesick that she just wanted to give up. It was your loving arms and your compassion to her that lifted her up and kept her going. She said it was like getting a "hug and love from home." As a mom, I am grateful for your service. Your concern and compassion lifted her up and kept her strong. I often pray for your health and happiness and that Heavenly Father will take care of your family. Please let me know if there is anything you may need. Mahal Kita- Jennifer Thomas