Philippines Angeles Mission
November 2012 - May 2014

Monday, December 31, 2012

Farm Country

                          As soon as we leave our small city we are in farm country where most
                           of the work is still done by hand They lay their rice on the road to dry.
                           It doesn't matter if you run over it, we try not to but sometimes you
                           have no choice. We don't know how long it takes to dry, they just said
                          after they turn it four times. They turn it with wide tooth wooden rakes
                                        We have seen a rare few small tractors like this one
                                              And also a rare few horse and buggies like this one
                                  This thing is called a kaliglig which means tractor. We have nevr
                                   seen one in a field, they just go up and down the road hauling sacks of
                                   rice or people. They are often used for transpotation. It is steered by very
                                   long wooden handles like an old hand plow. They are so dangerous on
                                   the road at night because they have no lights. We about hit one the other
                                   night and just at the last minute Kent noticed a little flickering light, someone
                                   was holding a small flashlight!
                               The water buffalo are the national animal and they are everywhere
                             . They use them as work animals.
                                      There are many many of these white brama type cattle
                           We see this machine used quite often, not sure what it does as they
                            use it both on dry land and in the flooded fields

                       As well as rice they grow corn. I bought a couple of ears one day, it
                      was white but as it cooked it turned yellow and then brownish. Definately
                      not like our corn at home.
                             We aren't sure if these people were planting onions or rice, they both
                              are planted by hand.

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