Philippines Angeles Mission
November 2012 - May 2014

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Last week we were invited to a FHE at the home of a man who was to be baptised this week.
Their home is out in an outer village and he built it himself from bamboo. It is very tiny and they
don't have electricity so we sat outside under a street light.
As soon as we came all the neighbor children gathered round and joined in on the activities.
They were very attentive for the lesson and loved singing the songs and playing the games.
At the end of the evening Brother Levy Gagasin ask Dad to baptise him and so we
were privledged to be a part of that on Saturday. 
His wife is already a member but she was offended at some time and she is not ready
 to come back yet. Hopefully he can bring her back

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  1. Some of those pictures look like your back on Christmas Island!