Philippines Angeles Mission
November 2012 - May 2014

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

City driving

                   Kent wants you to see the traffic he has to drive in. These pictures are not
                   good since they were all taken from inside the car.
                      There are no traffic signs, stop signs, yield signs or traffic lights,
                       when you want to enter a busy road you just have to force your way in and
                      hope you don't get hit.
                            There are many many jeepneys that are used as buses. The originals
                            were jeeps left by the Americans after WW11 and they were converted
                            into buses and the practise has continued.
                       There are literally thousands of these tricycles that work as taxis
                       They park all along the streets hoping to get a customer hence there is never a
                        parking space to be had

                      The streets are so crowded with vendors and trikes you barely have
                          room to drive down them. And no I have not tried to drive yet!
               These pictures do not show the really bad times, I must be too nervous on
                    those days to take pictures. I will try to get some better ones.

     PS can someone tell me why this is printing in this format? It isn't like that when I am typing but then when I publish it takes on that strange format.


  1. So glad to see this up and running and be able to see the pictures. I can't imagine driving that!

  2. Fun traffic! I hope you're enjoying the adventure. I always forget to take pictures when I'm afraid for my life, too, which is too bad because it's nice to document these things.

    I don't know why the formatting is so strange, but you should have a "preview" button a couple of buttons to the right of your "publish" button. You may also want to play with the"alignment" button, below the preview button and a little to the left. (It's a bunch of lines, it doesn't have a name.)

  3. Hi Kent & Kathy, I almost lost your address until I finally found it on the back of your pic. I was looking at all your older pictures and I was wondering after seeing that pic where your in the grocery store; are the groceries really expensive? And the house you live in now, you must think you've gone to heaven living in a nicer home like that at least a whole lot better then when you were at the Christmas Islands! I miss you and have been thinking about you two! Take care and I'll try to stay closer in touch. Oh and by the way you better be glad you're there and not here because it's been bitter, bitter cold down in like -6. Some people's pipes have frozen over and a lot of people are down and out sick with the flu. I've stayed away from church for the longest so I wouldn't get sick. So take care and know you're in my prayers and God is watching over you and your fellow missionaries!