Philippines Angeles Mission
November 2012 - May 2014

Thursday, January 31, 2013

This and that

Quite often as we drive to San Clemente we see these carts laden with
homemade crafts coming into town where they sell their things
My kids know how much I love the Booganvilla vines whenever we go to California
or anywhere else that they grow. Well they are every where here so I can see them to
my hearts content
These two guys and their companions were at our house one day and we were showing them
thru the house and when they saw our bed they go " Oh a real bed and they dove onto it"
Driving out to Bamban there is a place where they have a huge herd of weeder geese, can you see all of them in this picture? It is so funny to see them herding them down the road like a herd of sheep.
Of course I never have my camera when we see that. Kent says they clip their wings so they
 can't fly away.
When the rice is drying on the roads the goats and chicken take full advantage

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  1. I hope the goats and chickens don't poop in the rice! :) I love that picture of the guy in the cart with all the crafts. That is so cool.