Philippines Angeles Mission
November 2012 - May 2014

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Eventful Week

This ia Elder Carazzco from Los Angeles Ca. He has only been in our zone a month but he has accomplished a great deal. He went to an area that was split off from another area so this is the first time there have been elders that could work this village full time. Church attendance has only been 20-25 on a good day and they found the people quite hostile to them. So they decided to have a community family home evening and they went door to door inviting everyone. They told them they were going to show videos about Jesus Christ. There is no movies or TV out in these villages so the people look forward to something to do.  When we got there we were amazed to see almost 200 people there. And the sweet Relief Society Sisters managed to feed them all!
Elder Carazzco is going home tomorrow so they had a farewell party for him in the branch and about 60 came, several who have been less active for years.
Elder Moser got to baptise these two children Friday. They are the children of Levi Gregasso, the man he baptised a couple of months ago. Levi is to Kents left and the mother is in pink at the front.
Another baptism this week in Birbira. These elders are Elder Nields from N Ogden and Elder Dela Cruz from the Philippines
Today we had the opportunity to present 6 keyboards to students who had taken lessons from the last two couple missionaries that were here. There is a lot they have to do to qualify for their own keyboard which is funded by a couple who served in the Philippines some time ago. ( I think)
Thanks to modern technology we were able to get the Roberts and Prisbrey's , who had been the teachers, on skype and they watched the presentation and then spoke to each one of the students. It was so fun.
The hard part of this week was saying goodbye to one of our all time favorite missionaries. ( Make room family, we have added another grandson!!) Elder Blackham was transfered and made a zone leader. He is awsome and will do a great job.He will work with Elder and Sister Lutz now.We sure do love him. His companion, Elder Stunoda will be a trainer after only 3 months.
Every week the missionaries have a service day, sometimes each companionship does there own thing and sometimes they do a big project all together. This day they all cut and stacked wood for a widow.
Whenever they work together Sister Evangelista cooks lunch for everyone. She is trained as a chef and hopes to have her own business someday. Anyway the elders LOVE her food! They are not allowed to go into the sisters house so she serves it on the back porch and they fill a plate and find a spot to sit.The tablecloth is banana leaves and the outside is rice with chicken feet inside it and a pork with gravy in the big pan. I couldn't bring myself to try the chicken feet but the rest was good.
Of course while they are waiting for lunch they have to find something to occupy themselves with so they all invaded our bed!!  Elder Moser kept warning them if they break our bed there will be war!


  1. Did dad try the chicken feet? And there is always room in this family for more (people, not chicken feet). But you better warn him how crazy we can be before he shows up at one of our family events ;)

  2. I'm sure dad tried the chicken feet! Now he can say that he has eaten every part of a chicken. Yum.

    The elder that is now part of the family, reminds me of our Herzog cousins. He'll fit right in!

    Some of the elders look so young! I guess that means I'm getting old.