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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bataan Death March

We went with Elder and Sister Lutz to put water filters on in all the missionaries houses. That took us to Capas which is where Camp O'Donnell was during world war 11. This is one of the stops of the Bataan Death March where thousands died.
We took the time to go see the memorial built there. There are actually two, this first one is at the side of McArther Highway
It had this sculptured scene all the way around the base and a pool below on the back side'
This second memorial was quite a ways off the main road but is the actual place where the camp was. This tall tower has walls around it and the names of all the Philippinos who died there. Thousands of names.
The men were marched fram Bataan to San Fernando and then loaded on these boxcars. The cars have tin roofs and this was the middle of the Philippine hot season so it is estimated the temperature was 110-120 degrees. They were packed in there so tight that those who died did not fall. The doors were shut and they were left there for about 3 hours before the train started to move. They were not given any water. That part of the march ended in Capas.
This memorial at the side had all the Americans names on it. There were far more Philippinos than there were Americans but the count is not definate because so maany of the natives were able to slip away and hide or mingle with their countryman and were not found. Those of you who are history buffs can probably correct some of my report but that is what I remember.
While we were there my camera was doing weird things and I did not know how to change the settings so I saw these boys sitting in the shade of the monument and I thought teenage boys will know what to do, so I went over and ask them and sure enough they did. The boy in the black and white shirt told us he is a member of the church and hopes to serve a mission in a couple of years. They were all such nice boys.
I liked this tribute to those men who endured all that they did

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