Philippines Angeles Mission
November 2012 - May 2014

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Relief Society Anniversary

The district Relief Society had it's anniversary party last Saturday. Each branch had a table and demonstrated cooking seafood.
After the demonstration they filled their table with rice and many other dishes and then it was a free for all filling plates and eating. I never saw food disappear so fast! There were as many men and children there as there were woman.
Then each branch did a cultural dance. Some went all out with their costumes and some were very simple.
I expected there cultural dances to be more like the other islands but it is very much like the Spanish. I guess since Spain controlled these islands for so many years their culture was adopted.
Then some of the ladies sang for us. This cute girl is 28 and has a son but her husband works abroad to support them. He has been gone for three years and will not be home for another year!
Of course a party would not be complete without some games. This one was a relay while balancing the book on your head. These ladies are very good at it.
We went to another FHE with the sisters and Sister Evangelista had offered to cook so here she is in the families kitchen.
While she cooked we entertained the kids by taking their pictures. They love to have their picture taken.
Once a month we have a couples meeting at the mission presidents home. We enjoy spending that time with these older missionaries. From left are Elder and Sister Forte from Virginia, Elder and Sister Lutz from Weston, President and Sister Martino, Elder and Sister McCord from Payson Ut.,.Elder and Sister Teischner also from Payson, and of course us.
You've all heard the conspiracy theory that Elvis is still alive somewhere, well it's true and here's the proof!!
Here he is in everyday clothes but at church he always wears white pants and a long sleeved lavendar dress shirt with matching tie and with the sleeves rolled up and white shoes. We all call him Elvis and everyone knows who we are talking about. He's a great guy, faithful as can be. No wife as far as I know.

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