Philippines Angeles Mission
November 2012 - May 2014

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Couples P -Day

All of the mission couples took a p-day together and drove down to Bataan where the death march began.
We borrowed the mission van so we were all able to travel together.

President Javier , in the middle, and his wife were our guides.

There is a huge monument with a cross at the top of the mountain where the main encampment was.

There was some memorabilia and a nice museum

Elder and Sister Lutz

Most of our group

Looking down at the terrain from the top

We then drove down the mountain to the bay where there was another camp of men, this is where  the actual march began

That island in the distance is Corregidor where McCarthur and American supplies and re enforcements were, so close and yet so far.

School kids were on field trips and they all wanted a picture with the Americans.

They were especially taken with Elder McCords snow white hair

Of course we ended the day with dinner. On the left side of the table are the Tischners, McCords, and Lutz. On the right side are Fortes, Javiers, and us.
As usual it was too fast and we would like to have spent more time reading and looking at pictures but glad we got to see it.

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  1. just caught up on your news sounds like you are doing a great work. country looks good, hope things keep going great for you. we miss you in the ward but know you are where you need to be, keep up the great work. I know the Lord loves you and keeps you in His tender loving care, keep up the great work. My faith, prayers , and thoughts are with you each day. God bless you. is the Lutzs there from Dayton, I worked with a Barbara Lutz in Cub Scouts, if it ih her give her my love.sharon durrant