Philippines Angeles Mission
November 2012 - May 2014

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sisters Conference, FHE, and Baptisms

Our mission has conferences just for sisters about once a year. These are pictures of some of the sisters on our side of the mission. The three in the center are Sis Thomas, Tauiliili, and Naldoza. They live next door to us.

These are sisters we see as we go about doing house checks.

I purposely took pictures to show the clothes so. Tiana can see what they wear here

Sister Pontini on the left is new to our zone. And of course her companion is the smallest sister in the mission!

We cannot possibly get to all the baptisms but we get to as many as we can.

We had FHE at our house and we made Navajo Tacos. They were a big success.

Elders enjoying their food

Elders and Sisters at FHE

More Baptisms, Sisters Lalata and Pontini, and Elders DesPain and Lozano

Baptism at Birbira with Elders Clark and Verano

These are happy occasions

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  1. We are Mike and Adrienne Thomas, grandparents of Sister Caitlin Thomas in your mission. We just wanted to thank you for being there for Caitlin and helping her when she was sick. Thanks for being "parents" to her...we know she is struggling as that seems to be a mission with great challenges. She loves the work and we appreciate your sacrifice and work.